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Favorite of mine

:bulletgreen: Prince of Hope :bulletgreen:

:bulletgreen: Prince of Heart :bulletgreen:

:bulletgreen: Knight of Blood :bulletgreen:

:bulletgreen: Mage of Doom :bulletgreen:



Ask Zurax~


-Fantroll adopts (detailed)
-Color chibi's for OC vault

In other news, point commissions are open!

Adoptable Bunch! (OPEN) 2 LEFT by Nurbzwax
Two more adoptables left here.
More here.

PredatorAndPrey is the other webcomic I'm working on with my bud Duragi. Watch us there to keep up with the updates! We're working hard on getting this thing up and ready.



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Thank you...

:heart: Thank you :heart:

... For all the arts!
Zurax Icon - CE by SuperHeroPattyFatty Oc Gif Contest by grntrees
Contest entry by AnaBroChan Contest Entry by PixellatedPerfection Icon - Zurax by DeeTeaGirl (CE) Killer In The End by MenacingNightmares Zurax Icon 2 - CE by SuperHeroPattyFatty

For all the favorites, comments, and +watches!



Color Palette Challenge [OPEN] by Nurbzwax

So. I'm thinking about starting the palette challenge again. My xbox live membership ran out and I've been playing AC Rouge story because no xbox live is needed. Well. I'm 99% done with everything I could do in it and I'll most likely finish it today. I wont have any game to play after because the stuff I like to play needs xbox live. SO get ready, I'll probably open the requests for the challenge soon. Get your requests listed down, it will be open for a day and then I'll close it down again so I can work on it. So when it's open, throw all your ideas into the comments of the deviation. I'll post a status here and probably a poll to say when it starts. GET READY.
Guys guys guys. What should I draw? I don't have any ideas what do I do.
(taking a break from 30 day challenge because busy)
Most of you probably know I get headaches a lot. I mention it sometimes. Well, I've had a migraine for almost a week now and I need to take the ACT on the 13th... If I have one on test day it will affect my score drastically because I can't focus on my work with the pain. So there's that. Also because of this week long headache I haven't been up to drawing much. So I may be behind on the 30 day challenge. Really hoping this headache stops because it's ruining my life.
Alarec Dudrim (CLOSED) by NurbzwaxZluath Oworst (OPEN) by NurbzwaxZevlun Avarst (OPEN) by Nurbzwax
Here are the only fantroll adopts I have left.
I'll be making more but I wanted to remind everyone
these are still here!

5th Random Request Giveaway

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 1, 2014, 3:26 PM

Bullet; Green

Random request giveaway

Doodle #37 by Nurbzwax 400 Watchers + Giveaway(end) by Nurbzwax  Doodle #56 by Nurbzwax

ELLO. What a random crazy happenstance. 
It seems to be a random request giveaway! Long time since the last
one, but hey, getting into the giving season so I thought I'd make one!
You have a chance to win a random free request for Christmas.
Read the rules yo and good luck~


:bulletgreen: To win you must be a watcher, because I'm picking from the watchers.
:bulletblack: If you win, the request must be appropriate. I don't want to draw anything that
only a certain age group can see. (Violence I'll draw though, but not over the top by too much)
:bulletgreen: If you win you must request a one person picture.
:bulletblack: (Optional) Out of 400 or so, getting picked is kind of uncommon. So if you want a better
chance of winning you can advertise this journal and post it in the comment and I'll give you another
number. So I can get more watchers and maybe you can get a drawing from me. :D
Bullet; Green If you don't respond to the note within a three day period, I will pick another winner. It'll show who are really my watchers.
(And I can't risk it having to go down like the first two, which were basically a fail because of lack of response from the winners.)

The drawing of the number will be picked on:
(CHRISTMAS EVE! 12/24/14) (whenever I happen to be on I'll do it).

So advertise to get a better chance before it's picked!

Thanks for stopping by~ :iconhandsomeonionplz: 

Bullet; Green 

  • Mood: Optimism
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:bulletblack: :bulletgreen: :bulletblack: :bulletgreen: :bulletblack: :bulletgreen: :bulletblack: :bulletgreen: :bulletblack: :bulletgreen: :bulletblack: :bulletgreen: :bulletblack: :bulletgreen: :bulletblack: :bulletgreen: :bulletblack: :bulletgreen: :bulletblack: :bulletgreen: :bulletblack: :bulletgreen: :bulletblack: :bulletgreen: :bulletblack: :bulletgreen:

God gives you his best
give him your best
and you will be blessed.

:bulletgreen: FAQ :bulletgreen:

:bulletgreen: What program do you use to draw?
:bulletblack: Photoshop, though I want Paint Tool Sai...

:bulletgreen: What the heck does Nurbzwax mean?
:bulletblack: Nun your beez wax. Seriously. Get out of my house.

:bulletgreen: What tools do you use for your traditional art?
:bulletblack: I use art sketch pencils(can't remember what kind) then I draw over that with a mechanical pencil to darken the lines and create better detail. Then take a thicker sketch pencil to shade and ta-da, you have one traditional picture.
I have ink and sepia ink pens in the sizes XS S M B, for the sepia I think instead of XS it's F. Then I have shading pens in various shades of grey. As well as two copic markers and prisma colored pencils.

:bulletgreen: How do you art?
:bulletblack: It's simple. You take a writing utensil and... art.

:bulletgreen: Why do you draw Zurax as you in some pictures?
:bulletblack: Because I don't like drawing real people because it's hard, so I made up Zurax as my persona though he's kinda drifting into his own character. Plus he's not what I look like at all so you all are confused ha.

:bulletgreen: Y U NO SELFIE?
:bulletblack: I'm not one to take a selfie, nor have my picture taken and put it up on the internet for all to see. Sorry bout ya.

:bulletgreen: So what fandoms are you in?
:bulletblack: Like... All. SnK, Homestuck, Marvel, DC, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Supernatural, Artemis Fowl, Avatar the last airbender(and such), Ava's Demon, merlin, Lord of the Rings, Hobbit, and that's all I can recall. I'll probably think up more later.

:bulletgreen: So you're a cosplayer?
:bulletblack: Yes. Not a big one, just casually a cosplayer.

Theme song: White and Nerdy - Weird Al

:bulletblack: :bulletgreen: :bulletblack: :bulletgreen: :bulletblack: :bulletgreen: :bulletblack: :bulletgreen: :bulletblack: :bulletgreen: :bulletblack: :bulletgreen: :bulletblack: :bulletgreen: :bulletblack: :bulletgreen: :bulletblack: :bulletgreen: :bulletblack: :bulletgreen: :bulletblack: :bulletgreen: :bulletblack: :bulletgreen: :bulletblack: :bulletgreen:


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Laughssassin Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for the fave homie :D
Alicere Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the :+fav:! :')
kaged-soul Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2014  Student General Artist
I follow you on tumblr and I just found your DA and I swear I just screamed with excitement.
Nurbzwax Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
tumblr m4cmwla6Pq1qduiox3 by Nurbzwax  
kaged-soul Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2014  Student General Artist
Nurbzwax Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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SlappingMachine Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
hEEEYY. Just passing by to say I've been watching Attack on Titan. Up to episode 21 now.
holy shit how do you manage to watch something so intense. 21, specifically. That's got to be my favourite episode so far. iT'S JUST SO INTENSE.
Nurbzwax Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Armin is the best character, right? I love him. He's the best.
Plus I'm caught up with the manga which has gone very far. So much
intense stuff there, you don't even know.
SlappingMachine Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
During an extremely emotional/intense moment in a film people cry or something. As for me, the feeling seems so intense it sort of wells up in my stomach and that's it. What else is weird is I can last as long as you like without crying, but if another character starts crying that changes everything. x'D I never cried during the anime, though.

Agreeed. But Hange is my favourite hands down. I'll switch to the manga once I catch up! Like I always do.

Everyone keeps dying. ;_; At least it's realistic. And the main character does not get powered up and win by the power of hope and friendship or whatever. In fact he seems just about insane, not just when he transforms into a titan. xD
Nurbzwax Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
xD I have never cried or anything during any
type of movie or show or anything. Real life however
is a different story. Not saying I cry a lot, but usually 
people cry.

Hange is awesome. 

Yeah, dude deaths are common. SUPER common. 
End yes, I love that about it. He's super angry all the
time and turns into a monster to save the day. That's my
kind of story.
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